Geriausiai parduodamos


Valentino dienos manikiūras

Valentino dienos manikiūras

1. Pirmiausia nulakuokite nagus baltu laku. Palaukite, kol nudžius.

2. Ant nagų klijuokite juosteles.

3. Lakuokite nagus juodu laku. Palaukite, kol nudžius.

4. Nuklijuokite juosteles.

5. Rožiniu ar raudonu lauku "pieškite" tris taškiukus (taip bus paprasčiau nupiešti širdutę).

6. Sujunkite taškiukus.

Jei yra noro ir laiko, nulakuokite nagus permatomu laku :)


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      Jason Moss
      Bal 4, 2020

      Its diuretic impacts (builds pee by around 30%) are notable. Presently, this plant not just gets in shape by assaulting liquid maintenance, it is additionally particularly successful in battling listing and the harm brought about by weight reduction.

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      Alfred Mack
      Geg 6, 2020

      The fastest choice might be a decent serving of home-made popcorn without margarine or additional added substances. Cocoa is another fixing that assists fat with amassing in your body. On the off chance that we talk about its dietary benefit, it would be prudent for you to devour chocolate in some balance, particularly harsh.

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      Charles Lingle
      Geg 7, 2020

      To accomplish this we need to figure out how to eat effectively, to bite nourishment well, to eat in a loose and unhurried way, plunking down and without significant interruptions.

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